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ChinaBio® Group is a consulting and advisory firm helping life science companies and investors achieve success in China. ChinaBio works with U.S., European and APAC companies and investors seeking partnerships, acquisitions, novel technologies and funding in China.  

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Our Approach

ChinaBio® Today provides investors and industry professionals with analysis and insights into China's biotech industry that cannot be found anywhere else.  All of our content is written by our editors, Greg B. Scott and Richard Daverman (supported by our research team in Shanghai), or guest authors and is exclusive to us... no rehashed articles or summaries with links to other sources.
From our headquarters in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, the #1 life science park in China, and San Diego, California , we use a combination of “insider” and local knowledge, scientific understanding, and business and technical expertise to provide you with the critical information necessary to make better business and investment decisions in this exciting but highly complex market segment. 
What We Do
Our analysts monitor many industry sources for published and unpublished information on China's biotech industry that yield clues as to where the next big success – or failure – may be.  We also leverage insider information gathered through our personal networks and at several industry events we hold each year, including our ChinaBio® Investor Forums, ChinaBio® Partnering Forums, and ChinaBio® Leadership Retreats (see Upcoming Events). Then we add additional value through our commentary and analysis based on our years of experience to help you determine which companies may best meet your business or investment strategy. 
Our daily and week updates are free via email, but our paid subscription plans provide full access to all of our articles, including over 2000 articles in our archives.  See our Subscription Plans for a description of specific services included with our subscriptions.

Skepticism Pays
By nature, we are a skeptical group, in part because we review over 300 businesses each year for our VC and angel investment groups, and in part because we're on the ground in China and have seen the good and the bad.  We know that life science is a risky and volatile industry to start with, and even more so in China, unless you know the pitfalls to avoid.  But the rewards can, of course, be huge, especially for the private equity investor. 

Winners and Losers

That’s where ChinaBio® Today comes in.  We help you separate the potential winners from the crowd and make wise business decisions based on knowledge that can only be gained from our editors and analysts. (Click here to learn more about Our Editors.)

ChinaBio® Today is published by ChinaBio® Group, a premier consulting and advisory firm focused exclusively on China's life science industry, and helping U.S., European and APAC companies achieve success in China.  ChinaBio has also organized over 30 conferences in China focused on life science investment and partnering.

Visit our web site www.chinabio.com to learn more about our investment and consulting activities, as well as our conferences. 
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