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China COVID-19 Vaccines and Antibody Treatments Advancing toward Approvals

publication date: Nov 20, 2020
author/source: Richard Daverman, PhD

Chris Chen, CEO at Shanghai-headquartered WuXi Biologics (HK: 2269), told a reporter that the CRO/CMO is working on 10 neutralizing antibodies from clients for COVID-19 and one vaccine. Because the candidates are making rapid progress, he expects approval for a COVID-19 antibody treatment either “late this year or early next year.” Meanwhile, Sinopharm said three unapproved China vaccines, two of its own and one from Sinovac, have been administered to one million people in China who face exposure to COVID-19.

The three China vaccines have passed initial safety testing, but the country began allowing their widespread use before clinical tests showed they were effective. The vaccines were administered to essential workers, including business people who travel overseas. China launched the emergency use program in July.

All three of the China vaccines use the inactive virus mechanism of traditional vaccine technology. The two leading US candidates, one from Pfizer and the other from Moderna, both offer mRNA mechanisms. The mRNA technology allows faster development, but so far, no mRNA vaccine has been approved. Pfizer is submitting its request for approval of its vaccine from the US FDA today.

According to Sinopharm, no serious adverse reaction has been reported from people  who received its unapproved vaccine under emergency use rules. While the vaccines are being monitored, Sinopharm and Sinovac have continued overseas Phase III clinical trials with 60,000 people enrolled. Blood samples of more than 40,000 participants have been taken 14 days after they took the second dose, implying that preliminary results from the trials should be available soon.  

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Disclosure: ChinaBio® has a business relationship with Pfizer.





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